Pain • Neuropathy • Inflammation Collection

Antispasmodic (2 & 4 oz Available)

Benefits: Antispasmodic has a blend of herbs which may support: Decreased muscle spasms* Reduced inflammation*... ..

Cat's Claw (2 & 4 oz Available)

Benefits: Cat’s Claw may be helpful with symptoms associated with: Osteoarthritis* Rheumatoid arthritis* Lyme disease*... ..

Ginger Root (2 & 4 oz Available)

Ginger Root (2 & 4 oz Available)

Benefits: Ginger Root may be helpful with: Reducing nausea* Reducing gas and improving digestion* Easing... ..

Indian Frankincense Resin (2 & 4 oz Available)

Benefits: Indian Frankincense resin may be helpful in: Reducing inflammation* Reducing effects of inflammatory bowel... ..

Inflammation Support (2 & 4 oz Available)

Benefits: Inflammation Support features a combination of herbs which may: Reduce inflammation and pain* Improve... ..

Lion's Mane Mushroom (2 & 4 oz Available)

Benefits: Lion’s Mane Mushroom may be helpful in: Stimulating nerve growth factor (NGF) throughout the body*... ..

Myrrh Gum Resin (2 & 4 oz Available)

Benefits: Myrrh Gum Resin may be beneficial in supporting: Anti bacterial and anti fungal actions* Reducing... ..

Nerve Pain (2 & 4 oz Available)

Benefits: Nerve Pain  features a blend of herbs which may:  Support nerve issues* Work to... ..

Simmer Down Roller

Benefits: Simmer Down is a blend of essential oils and herbs infused Sweet Almond Oil to... ..

Sleep Pain Calm (2 & 4 oz Available)

Benefits:  Sleep Pain Calm features a blend of herbs which may: Calm anxiety at lower... ..

Three Wise Men

Benefits:  Three Wise Men features a blend of herbs which may: Reduce pain* Reduce inflammation*... ..


Benefits:  Turmeric may support: Anti inflammatory action* Improve mood* Help control blood sugar levels* Improve... ..

White Willow Bark

Benefits:  White Willow Bark may support: Reducing pain and inflammation* Headache and migraine symptoms* Ingredients:... ..