Rain & Tears

As I sit listening to the rain outside my window it reminds me of peace and cleasing.

The lightening makes me tense but the steady downfall of rain is peaceful to me. I have always relished the sound of rain even as a child. My grandparents' homes had tin roofs...if you ever want to be lulled to sleep, that's a sure fire way. You probably could simulate it with an overturned galvanized tin tub. The rain hitting the the tub and bouncing to the ground. (You could also turn the tub the right way and fill with rainwater to be used to water indoor plants or vegetation.)

Just as the rain cleanses our land, tears can cleanse our soul. Yes, I am a crier by nature. Often shedding tears over things other may not even think about. Tears can be happy, sad, frustrated, angry, remorseful, hopeful, despairing, wishful..any number of emotions could represent fallen tears.

I always heard and read emotions have to manifest in some way...so i guess I am thankful a lot of mine come out as tears and not violence. I will take tears any day.

As you go about your weekend, I hope you have time for self reflection and healing...

Take care ~Brenda ❤