NGN NEWS: 06.11.2020

Hello all,

We hope everyone is faring well under all our unusual circumstances. It has been very trying for all of us.

We really appreciate your patience with our growing pains at NGN. The learning curve so far has been challenging yet rewarding. Thru our ups and downs you have stood by us. The words "Thank You" seem so inadequate...yet we utter them with our heartfelt thanks.

We are in the process of adding to our BLOG POSTS especially to our EDUCATIONAL BLOG. Our goal is to give you information that is interesting and helpful.

If there are any topics or herbs you would like more information on, please comment on this post. Most of our posts are informative and therefore comments are not part of the post. There will some posts where comments are allowed...We encourage you to share your thoughts with us. Comments will be reviewed mainly because we still have to be aware and responsible of the information that is published on our site. I hope you can appreciate we are trying to help many in a respectful manner.

I will leave you with this thought: