Four Days of Total Isolation

Hello NGN,

I hope everyone is staying positive right now.

My phone went kaput on Saturday night and I had no contact with the outside for four days.  I got my new phone Wednesday and was truly thankful.  I have spent three days trying to customize my phone and scraping together pictures because I can't access mine from my old phone at the moment.

During my time being isolated, I did some soul searching and reflecting on my life.  I had no way of knowing what was happening in the world   I am thankful I had a chance to ground myself before rejoining the world.

And appropriate timing for NGN KINDNESS Sale.  If there ever was a time to appreciate each other and support others, now is certainly the time.

In the Acts of Kindness, I have recently read in the news and social media once again I am humbly reminded that there is goodness and kindness in people.  And with them brings hope.

All it takes is one person to start an Act of Kindness and it blossoms.  We can do this...take care..

~ Brenda, Nature Gal Naturals