Fundraiser for ANGEL, a Litte Boy Battling Stage 4 Osteosarcoma Bone Cancer

Hi ya'all

Our team has decided we will donate 40% of all current sales to a little boy Angel who is battling Osteosarcoma.

Angel is 9 years old and a triplet. At the age of 7, Angel was diagnosed with stage four osteosarcoma (a very rare bone cancer, occurs mostly in children). A tumor he named “Ugly” was attacking his humerus and needed to be surgically removed.

Angel’s soccer season was replaced with 32 rounds of chemotherapy and a rod in his right arm. When his chemo treatment ended on February 2, 2019, he was lucky enough to start a clinical trial at UCSF a month later. Very few patients were selected to be part of the trial. The goal was for the antibodies to destroy the bad DNA cells from reproducing.


On November 6, 2019, the doctors informed his parents that the treatment was no longer effective. Out of the 200 tumors that are spread in his lungs, three of them have enlarged with the addition of a new tumor (201 tumors in total now). The doctors advised his parents to make as many memories as we can with Angel.

Over the weekend, Angel was rushed to Stanford. He has a tumor wrapping around his lung, compressing it and leaving fluid in the lung. Angel is now on oxygen. His parents were told that Angel has 1-2 Months, but maybe weeks.

Right now, Angel and his parents are on their way to see a alternative medicine oncologist. This is a 10 hour trip. Dad is losing time from work. The expenses are financially draining. Gas, tolls, food, hotels and of course the doctor and treatments are not covered by insurance.

Let's all show this little boy and his family that we are here to support them! Remember 40% of all current product sales goes directly to Angel!


We are also holding a special "HOPE for ANGEL Raffle" to help support. 

Two Lucky Winners will each receive:

★A decorative box with four, 4oz Nature Gal Naturals herbal extracts (valued at $145.00 including shipping)
★ Plus the winners can select one Nature Gal Naturals topical/salve of their choice.



Thank you for your LOVE and SUPPORT!

Be the good.
Be the helper.
Be the change you seek.

Dana Woods, Nature Gal Naturals
Herbalist + Health & Wellness Coach